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The Best Trails for Hiking in Dunton 

Hiking in Colorado is an adventure of a lifetime. The routes are well-maintained and the view is magnificent. The following is a list of Dunton, Colorado’s top hiking routes. 

The trail along Trail Creek. 

This track, which is around 4 miles long, passes through lovely meadows and woodlands. Just north of Highway 26, near Trail Creek Road’s terminus, is where the trailhead is situated. Before ascending into dense forests with breathtaking vistas of Mt. Evans and Longs Peak above treeline, the route runs along Trail Creek for the first half mile. The trail then descends once more reaching Trail Creek Road, where hikers have the option of continuing on or turning around to head back to their vehicles at the start.

The Dunton Lake Trail 

This trail is one of the most well-known in the region because of how easy it is to get there and the spectacular vistas it offers. It surrounds Dunton Lake, which was formed by damming the Arkansas River. It is around two kilometers long. If you’re lucky, the path runs through forested regions, minor streams, and water bodies, making it a great site to watch birds.

Dunton Lake is a wonderful lake in the summer with many of chances for water activities including kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. This 1.6-mile walk circles the lake. The track is easy to follow because of the markers that have been placed along it. 

The Dunton Reservoir Trail 

Around the reservoir at the Dunton Lake Dam, there is yet another fantastic, beginner-friendly trail. Edgewater Pkwy or Oak Rd provide access to this 2-mile trail from either end of the reservoir.

Pike National Forest

Colorado is home to the Pike National Forest, which spans an area of 1,200 square miles. Arapaho National Forest, under which the park was first formed on June 12, 1907, was replaced on March 4, 1932, by Pike National Forest. The forest, which is located at a height of 9,200 feet above sea level, has several lakes, streams, and rivers as well as beautiful hiking paths for people of all ages.

The hiking trails in the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area. 

In this wilderness region, there are several hiking paths that provide breathtaking views of Mt. Evans and the numerous Front Range summits, including Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, Snowy Mountain, and others!

With so many amazing hiking trails to experience, Dunton Colorado is truly an excellent vacation venue for your next trip!

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